Host you own screening of Moving to Mars


Could your group or organisation use a screening of Moving to Mars in its work?  Hosting your own screening of the film is a great way to raise awareness and to get people talking about the issues surrounding refugees and immigration.  Whether you're from a school, a charity, a faith or community group or just want to host a screening for friends and family, we'd like to hear from you.

To Host your own screening of Moving to Mars visit


Help make your city a City of Sanctuary

City of Sanctuary is a nationwide movement to create a culture of hospitality for those seeking sanctuary in UK cities.  A city becomes an official ‘City of Sanctuary’ when groups from all across its community – schools, businesses, churches, youth groups, sports clubs, universities, and more – pledge to support, welcome and build mutually beneficial relationships with refugee communities in their local area.  Sheffield become the first City of Sanctuary in 2006, and there are currently fourteen other campaigns running in cities around UK.  Could you or your organisation get involved?  For more information, see

Learn more about the issues facing refugees

Refugee Action and the Refugee Council work with and support refugees in the UK.  They also campaign to raise awareness of refugee issues and to challenge myths and misconceptions about asylum.  You can learn more about their work and how you can support it on their websites: and

Befriend, mentor or teach a refugee

It’s often very lonely for refugees as they attempt to adjust to a completely new environment.  Refugee Action and the Refugee Council both run mentoring schemes, enabling people to offer invaluable support to refugees in their area.  There are loads of different ways to get involved, and you don’t have to make a big commitment – even an hour a week could be really helpful.  You could ‘befriend’ a refugee and offer them help and advice, you could join a conversation group to help refugees improve their English, or you could even coach a sport to refugee children.  For more ideas and information, see or